The Trouble with The Trouble with Flirting

January 28th, 2013
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Me being all promote-y

See how I did that?

So here’s the deal: February 26 is the official pub date of my second YA novel, The Trouble with Flirting. I’m feeling oddly hopeful about this one. (“Oddly” because, well, I never feel hopeful about much at all. It’s not in my nature. I aim for “cautiously optimistic” and end up somewhere around “life is darkness and decay.”) Anyway, early word on TTWF has been pretty positive–check out the reviews on Goodreads if you don’t believe me. Even Kirkus Reviews–which hates me–I mean, seriously, it’s a long story, but those people hate me–said, “Bemused Franny’s first-person, present-tense voice gives humor and urgency to her firsthand chronicle of the vagaries of the human heart.” There was still a little slam–there always is–but even that kind of delighted me: “The novel is loosely based on Mansfield Park, and unfortunately, the somewhat superficial teen characters and twisted plot pale in comparison with the original.” I laughed out loud when I read that. My book pales in comparison to Austen’s? I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. In fact, let me get out in front of them and say that if you have a choice between reading Jane Austen and Claire LaZebnik, I advise you to read Austen. I just thought it was fun that they felt the need to SAY it: to me, my inferiority to Austen is a given.

Okay, anyway, the point is, people seem to like the book and it’s following on the heels of Epic Fail, which people also seemed to like, so I’m feeling like maybe it won’t just be that quiet eyedropper plink into the ocean that book releases always are for me. (I wish I could remember which friend of mine called the weeks before a book’s pub date “the calm before the calm.”) I’m not expecting to make a big splash, but maybe it will be a more robust plink than usual. Maybe. Life is darkness and decay, let’s not forget.

The point of all this is: it’s time for me to start promoting TTWF. I mean, someone’s got to, and I keep looking around for the other person who’ll start promoting it, but it’s only me and the two cats in here. And even though the kitten keeps stepping on my computer keyboard, she hasn’t contributed one worthwhile sentence in the several months she’s lived with us, so I’m not hopeful she’s going to start turning out some useful copy.

So it’s up to me. I’m doing most of my promotion online: look for links here and on my author page to guest posts on other people’s blogs and interviews (and if you have a blog yourself, let me know if you’re interested in either–I like reaching out that way). On this blog and on my Facebook author page, I’ll be offering up little tidbits of flirting-related thoughts and comments, and I’ll definitely be doing a book giveaway contest or two. And if anyone has any suggestions on what would be fun to think/write/have a contest about that in some way relates to the trouble with flirting (and also The Trouble with Flirting), tell me here in the comments or on my author page! I want your input and your help–because these cats aren’t getting any less selfish.

Oh, and should you want to pre-order The Trouble with Flirting, here’s the Amazon page.

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