On Pills and College and Loss

August 29th, 2016

“Worrying about whether or not my daughter has taken her medication . . . I wouldn’t say that was a good part of my life. But the thought of not worrying anymore feels oddly like a loss. On August 24, we’ll help my daughter move into her dorm room, and I’ll probably remind her to keep her pills close at hand. And then we’ll say goodbye. And that night and the next morning and the next night and the morning after that and the day after that and the day after that and on and on, I won’t be there to tell her to take her pills. I won’t be there to refill her pillbox. I won’t be there to pack her pills for the day. I won’t be there. She’ll be there but I won’t.”

Another post over at babymama.com!

  • Deb Z. says:

    When our daughter was 15 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She now takes levothyroxine every day, too, and I had very similar concerns when she went off to college (I too filled the pill box and issued constant reminders). She’s 23 now and takes care of her health on her own. They seem to figure it out and hopefully without too many natural consequences.

  • Susan Flowers says:

    You’ve done all you can. Rest easy knowing your hard work has reached the point of just maintenance … no longer constant, active hard labor. She will pick up where you left off and you can just issue small, loving reminders occasionally.

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