Join us for a video chat on Book Candy TV TONIGHT

December 8th, 2011

And by us, I mean me and my husband Rob, a writer for The Simpsons.  Here’s why it’s worth watching:

1.  We haven’t had time to do a test run so there are bound to be some embarrassing technological glitches which will result in my wailing “Oh, Rooooobbbbb!” exactly like Laura Petrie in the The Dick Van Dyke Show.  And maybe we’ll do a little Christmas number like this one.  (Seriously, watch it–it’s adorable.)

2. You’ll learn how two writers in one family help each other–and drive each other crazy.  (Go ahead and ask Rob about when I was writing my first novel and he was working on a TV script at the same time.  Apparently I was typing a little faster than he appreciated as he tried to think of jokes in the next room . . .)

3. Differing family holiday traditions are bound to come up as a topic and nothing leads to a husband/wife tiff faster than that.  Come see us quarrel!  And then laugh and pretend we’re just joking!  See right through our pained smiles!  Try to guess which sofa Rob’s going to be sleeping on tonight!

4.  If you’re on east coast time and really tired, we promise to speak in low monotones at the end so you can drift right off immediately after.

5. You can ask us anything you want, about our lives, Rob’s time on The Simpsons, my adult fiction, my YA novel, my books about autism, our family . . .  just, please, I’m begging you–don’t bring up shower caps.             

Click here to join us in the chat tonight, 8 pm PST, 11 pm EST.  And if that’s just too late for you, you can always watch the chat tomorrow–you just can’t participate.  But if it would improve the experience, you can pretend you’re typing in questions and we’re just ignoring you.  We’re like that, you know.

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