I’m feeling a little tipsy

September 30th, 2008

maybe because I AM a little tipsy.  Only one glass of wine, but that’s all it takes, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m off to New York tomorrow so this is my last post for a while.  Although I’m taking my computer so if the hotel has WiFi and I feel inspired, who knows?

THANK YOU to those who at least pretended to be interested in my last post, when it fed into Amazon.  I’ll take any kindness, even if I have to be downright pathetic to get it. 

Did I mention I’m going to New York to have a book launch party at the flagship store of shoe designer extraordinaire Stuart Weitzman?  (I learned the “extraordinaire” thing on Top Model.  Everyone is “something extraordinaire.”  “Vogueing diva extraordinaire”–are there any ORDINARY male vogueing divas?)

But my cousin Stuart Weitzman–yes, he’s my cousin–is truly one of the great shoe designers of all time.  And I get to have a party in his store!  Once again, it’s smarter to be lucky than it’s lucky to be smart.

That’ll be my next novel: “The Smart One and The Lucky One.”  I do know plenty of families where one sibling has incredible good luck and the other doesn’t.  They start off in a similar place but end up miles apart.  It kind of works, doesn’t it?

Then I can write, “The Tall One and the Pointy One,” “The Pudgy One and the Botoxed One,” “The Pretentious One and the Desperate One,” “The New Age-y One and the Republican One” . . .   Look!  I have a series! 

I told you I was tipsy.