And Now, A Few Words about LEAN IN

December 3rd, 0001

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about Sheryl Sandberg’s number one bestselling book LEAN IN, which she urges women to throw themselves into their chosen careers rather than tentatively hold back out of a fear of being disliked or concerns that they won’t be able to both succeed at business and have the kind of family life most of them would like. Even before the book was published, Sandberg was challenged on several counts, accused by some of blaming the victim (sexism is rampant in many workplaces), by some of coming from such a privileged background that she doesn’t know what it’s like for most women in this country, and by others of wasting her influence by focusing on this idea rather than on changing our laws. And a bunch of mothers jumped to the attack, saying they were proud of leaving the workforce to stay home with their kids and how dare anyone question that choice?

Now, I am admittedly biased when it comes to this book: my sister co-wrote it with Sandberg. On the other hand, I’m a stay-at-home mother who barely dipped her toes in the office culture of this country. Sandberg’s advi