Why I Love the Internet

December 3rd, 0001

Here’s why I love the Internet (and remember, kiddies, I’m an old fogey who didn’t grow up with this thing called the worldwide web):

My 10-year-old son said that if people suddenly appeared from the 17th century, they’d be shocked at the electric and telephone wires strung up all over the place.  So I said that I’d once seen this drawing by the cartoonist R. Crumb that showed how a single street corner changes from the over the decades, from beautiful and verdant to urban and ugly.  And then I said, “Let me see if I can find it.”

Within minutes–knowing nothing more than “R. Crumb” and “street corner,” I’d found his “History of the World” and could show several different images to my son who liked it so much that within a couple more minutes, I had ordered him an inexpensive poster version of it.

See, when I was a kid, you couldn’t do that.

Also?  The other day I wanted to quote a line from a poem.  This is what I thought it was: “There is something that does not love a fence.”  And I couldn’t remember the poet.  For some reason, I thought maybe it was Emerson so I added that to my Google search.  It was Frost (duh) and the actual phrase was, “Something there is that does not love a wall.”