Epic Fail

June 20th, 2011

So the Publishers Weekly review of EPIC FAIL just came out and they called it a “charming” “summery teen rom-com” with “ample wit.”  (I could post the whole thing, I guess, but there’s a lot of plot recap–anyway, it’s always an interesting challenge to piece together a new sentence using their actual words.)  Its official pub date is August 2nd, but I’m hoping it will be in stores a little earlier than that since, you know, it’s “summery.”  Technically, it’s a YA book (young adult), which means it’s appropriate for anyone age 12 and up, but so far most of the reviewers have been more A than YA and most of them have been pretty enthusiastic, so please check it out even if your YA days are far behind you.  I was young once, too.  Not that my kids believe it.

And may I have a round of sympathy for my daughter who got sick the day before her first real trip of the summer (hiking the Grand Canyon) and had to miss the whole thing?  “Why did I have to get sick during the summer?” she moaned.  “Why couldn’t I get sick during SCHOOL?”

Meanwhile, the badminton net is up which means it’s REALLY TRULY SUMMER here.  And homework nagging is over–at least until the last few weeks of summer when I’ll realize the kids haven’t done their assigned summer reading yet.  So despite the Grand Canyon disappointment, life’s pretty good.