Book Giveaway on My Facebook Page

August 15th, 2010

Yeah, I know.  It’s like I’m becoming one of THOSE people.

Those desperate, publicity-hungry, will-do-anything-to-get-attention writers.

See? It's peaceful at home. Why would I leave?

But that’s not true.

I’m a desperate, publicity-hungry, will-do-anything-THAT-ALLOWS-ME-TO-STAY-AT-HOME-and-still-get-attention kind of writer.

As anyone who’s read this blog for a while knows, I don’t like to leave my house.  Call it mild agoraphobia, call it being a homebody, call it “you’re a raving lunatic” (my siblings’ personal favorite)–whatever the name you put on it, I just want to walk around in my jammies all day and rap out the occasional tattoo on my computer keyboard.  (As an aside, this love of not getting dressed has caused me many moments of personal embarrassment since UPS men start their workdays quite early and don’t come ringing the doorbell in their jammies, although wouldn’t it be a lovely world if they did?)

But promotion is a huge part of the publishing industry as I mentioned in a previous post.  It’s a huge part of most industries, come to think of it.  Everyone knows someone who succeeds more because he knows how to sell himself (as a worker, an artist, a pal, a resource, a golf partner, etc) than because he’s all that talented or hard-working.  I used to resent those people.  Now I sort of admire them.  It’s not easy being a salesman.  It takes time, energy, and charm.   None of which I have an excess of.

Oh, come on, Claire–you’re perfectly charming!

Thank you, little supportive voice in my head.

Anyway, I have to try to find ways to promote my books (which I’m genuinely proud of and fond of) without actually betraying my goal never to leave the house except to go to Trader Joe’s, my local Indie bookstore, or any restaurant that makes veggie quesadillas.

All of which is to say: BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!  WOO-HOO!!  WOOOT WOOT WOOT!  and other frat boy noises that defy transliteration.

Details, such as they are, are over on my FB page.  The contest won’t launch until 125 people “like” the page.  So get friends to come on over.  Also, the winner will get to choose from any of my books (not including foreign translations), including the autism ones.  So no worries about getting something you’ve already read.

Here’s a question for any contest pros: do you prefer random winners or winners who’ve had to put some thought into their entry, like writing a haiku or something?  Because I’m still trying to decide the most fun way of doing this.  Please weigh in.

If this goes well, it may be the first of many giveaways.  Maybe every time I hit a nice round number (150, 200, etc), I’ll give away another book.  Yeah, I think I’ll do that.

Now I just have to find a way to package and mail these suckers without leaving home . . .