Look Who's Entering the 21st Century!

August 11th, 2010

Me, that’s who!  Kicking and screaming . . .

I’m starting a Facebook author’s page.  It’s called Claire LaZebnik Writes and if you like my writing at all, please “Like” my page on Facebook!  I’m linking it to a twitter account which I think I called clazebnikwrites.  So you could also follow that if you’re a tweeter.  Which I’m not but feel like I should be.

Anyway, it seems like a faster, easier way to reach everyone than with this blog, which is good for ruminations and essays and explanations . . .  but not so good for a quick back-and-forth with fans.  I’m going to try doing both for a while and see how it all shakes down.  I’ve got a novel coming out in about a month, and another one the following summer, and one that fall, and another one the summer of ’12 . . . so publicity is sort of important for me right now.

Have I mentioned I hate doing the publicity stuff?  I’m really only happy when I’m at home writing or hanging with the kids.  (I’m especially happy hanging with the kids while watching “Veronica Mars” and eating pizza but that’s the kind of bliss you don’t find every day.)  Anyway, the point is: I just want to cuddle up with my laptop and my cat.  I don’t want to make phone calls and visit stores and lay siege to the producers of every talk show in the country.   I just want to write.  And eat.  And watch “Veronica Mars.”

So I’m thinking the least I can do–and I really mean that literally–is start this Facebook author’s page and twitter account.  Maybe if all of my friends tell two friends and they tell two friends and they tell two friends . . .

Oh, yeah, we know where THAT ends.  To infinity and beyond, baby.