Jet Lagged . . .

May 24th, 2010

Did you know that they did a study with pilots where they had them fly north/south routes for a period of time and then east/west routes (same mileage covered), and discovered that the time changes required in going east/west caused far more heath problems in those pilots?  Apparently–and to no one’s huge shock–changing time zones is hard on the body and leads to exhaustion and illness.

Me in my cute little hotel room

Guess who just flew to New York and back in the last three days?

Good guess!

Friday night, I took the red-eye and I came back this morning (I was picked up by my SON.  That’s right, my SON.  One I gave birth to a number of years ago.  I carried him in my body for nine months and now he drives me home from the airport.  How cool is that?).  I haven’t slept much.  Last night I did that thing where–despite setting a clock alarm AND requesting a wake-up call from the hotel front desk–I still woke up every hour to check the time and worry about missing my plane and woke up way too early.  In other words, I only got a few hours of sleep.  Which were probably still more than I got on the red-eye two nights previously.

Oh, well.  It was a fun trip even if my head is now doing that boingy-boingy thing heads do when you’re overtired.  (The air turns thick and sludgy too–anyone else notice that?  It’s like you’re walking through clear mud.)  I was flown in by my publishers to do a “Meet the Author” event at the Jewish Book Council.  I was one of about fifty authors “presenting” that evening.  And by “presenting,” I mean we each ran up to the podium, spoke rapidly for two minutes (although some people ran over and I think you know who you are), and ran back off.  One right after the other.  This went on for over TWO HOURS.  One guy played the fiddle and one guy drew a picture: they were the smart ones because they stood out.  And of course some people stood out for their brilliance.  Actually, almost everyone was brilliant.  It was an impressive group of people.  And they do two more evenings of these–something like 150 authors altogether.  The audience is made up of people from around the country who book speakers for their Jewish Community Centers or temples or other similar things.

Oh, stop snoring.  I was just trying to explain why I was in New York.  I also managed to meet with two editors, an agent, a brother, a sister, an old babysitter, a niece, a nephew, a sister-in-law . . .  Hmm.  I wonder who I’m leaving out?

I’m sure I’ll find out.

Oh, and I ate a black and white cookie.  Man, those are good.

More when I get some sleep . . .