EPIC FAIL–for only $2.99!

February 1st, 2013

Hey, for the month of February, you can buy the Kindle edition of EPIC FAIL for just $2.99! Click here if you don’t yet own it or want to buy it for someone else.  Read the book the New York Times called a “winner”! (Sort of. Begrudgingly. But still.)  And this review from School Library Journal isn’t begrudging at all:

“Gr 7 Up–Elise Benton is not starting her junior year off on the right foot. On her first day at elite Coral Tree Prep in Los Angeles, she walks right into one of the most popular girls at school. From there, things seem to spiral downward: she’s told that she isn’t wearing the right clothes; her mother is the much-disliked principal; and the son of town royalty, Derek Edwards, catches her staring at him, much to his chagrin. As if that weren’t humiliating enough, she soon learns that her sister is dating Derek’s best friend, which forces Elise and Derek to be together frequently–and unwillingly. Elise makes it her mission to resist his occasional charms and instead fall for Derek’s enemy, Webster Grant. But first impressions can be deceiving, and people aren’t always as they seem. LaZebnik takes her inspiration for this novel from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Teen girls will identify with Elise, who is likable enough, but with a sharp tongue to match her Regency counterpart, Elizabeth Bennet. The many near-miss romantic moments between Elise and Derek create excitement and help further the plot. The themes are universal and interesting enough to grab even reluctant readers. Epic Fail is a fun, romantic read.”

Come on–it’s less than three bucks. What have you got to lose? The cost of a venti coffee?


  • maymarquez26 says:

    I already finished reading Epic Fail through an ebook reader and I was opened to realizing that no matter one person affects other people by his or her famous parents, he or she will always be just a person like any other else. Also, people should understand that fame isn’t really everything.

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