If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now- Young Adult Book by Claire LaZebnik

If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now

Here’s my next 5 Spot novel!  I wish it were out already–I’m really excited about this one, but I have to wait until September to see it in stores.  The following catalogue copy which will give you some sense of the story:

The beloved author of THE SMART ONE AND THE PRETTY ONE and KNITTING UNDER THE INFLUENCE returns with a new novel proving you CAN go home again—it just might not be pretty.

Rickie left home a long time ago-so how is it that at the age of twenty-five, she’s living with her parents again, and sleeping in the bedroom of her childhood home?

At least one thing has changed since high school: She now has a very sweet but frequently challenging son named Noah, who attends the same tony private LA school she herself attended. Rickie fit in fine when she was a student, but now her age and tattoos make her stand out from all the blond Stepford moms, who are desperate to know why someone so young-and so unmarried-has a kid in first grade.

Already on the defensive, Rickie goes into full mother-tigress mode when her small and unathletic son tells her that the gym teacher is out to get him. She storms the principal’s office, only to discover that Andrew Fulton, the coach, is no dumb jock. As her friendship with Andrew develops, Rickie finds herself questioning her assumptions-about motherhood, being a grown-up, and falling in love.

And, just for fun, I’m also throwing in the three ideas I came up with for talking about the book in front of the Jewish Book Council. I think they’ll give you a real sense of what feels special to me about this book.  (There’s some repetition between them since I knew ultimately I’d just pick one for my “audition,” but they come to some of the same ideas from different angles.)