I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, went to Harvard and moved to LA.  (My name was Claire Scovell for a large part of all that.)  I’ve written five novels for adults, Same as It Never Was, Knitting under the Influence, The Smart One and the Pretty One, If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now, and Families and Other Nonreturnable Gifts.  I’ve also published four YA novels with Harper Collins: Epic Fail, The Trouble with Flirting, The Last Best Kiss, and Wrong About the Guy. I co-wrote  Overcoming Autism: Finding the Answers, Strategies and Hope That Can Transform a Child’s Life and Growing up on the Spectrum: A guide to life, love and learning for young adults with autism and Asperger’s. My co-author, the brilliant Dr. Lynn Kern Koegel, is the clinical director of the Koegel Autism Center at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

I contributed to an anthology play called Motherhood Out Loud, which has been performed all over the country, and have been published in The New York TimesSelf, Vogue and other magazines.

I live in the Pacific Palisades with my husband Rob (who writes for “The Simpsons”), my four kids (Max, Johnny, Annie and Will) and too many pets to keep track of.

Email me at [email protected]  Please.   I promise I’ll answer!  I love e-mail.  And if you’re in the area and have a book club, I’ll come visit if you do my book.  Or maybe just if you’re doing Austen.  I love Austen.

And if you read one of my books and liked it, it would be wonderful if you’d post a positive review on Amazon.  It’s not a make-or-break kind of thing, but it helps.  And it makes me happy.  Thanks.

If you’re interested in having me sign a copy of one of my books for you, let me know and I’ll send you a signed adhesive bookplate.  The next best thing to being there, right?  I only do book signings when a book first comes out, so I’m happy to “sign” them this other way.  I remember once reading that a writer–I think it was Margaret Atwood–had some kind of contraption that allowed her to autograph books at home while some kind of computerized link would make a motorized pen do the exact same strokes and movements out at a public booksigning.  Something like that.  So she could sign people’s books from a distance.  Every writer’s dream–I swear most of us are agoraphobes who just want to hide in a corner somewhere and hunch over our computers.  (I can hear legions of writers screaming at me now, “Speak for yourself!”  Okay, I will.  I’M an agoraphobe who would just like to hide in a corner somewhere and hunch over my computer.  So there.)  Since I don’t have one of those, the bookplates will have to do.  Or you can drop by the Starbucks at Montana and 15th–there’s a good chance you’ll find me there.  I’ll be the one in the corner, hunched over my computer . . .